Kathy Caracciolo


My yoga journey started around 2010 when my friend told me we should try yoga at Amazing Yoga.  We were used to cycling, aerobics, running, but had never tried yoga.  I quickly became hooked! I loved the sweating, how relaxed I was after.  It became such a great compliment to my other workouts, but then gradually became my main love.  Yoga has become part of my life because of the physical and mental benefits.   After my son was born, I was diagnosed with post-partum depression. I lost touch with my practice for a while, but eventually it was yoga that brought me back from the depression.  Now, I appreciate how the practice is healthy for my overall well-being and not just a workout.  I became a work exchange in 2015 and now I'm so grateful to be a manager and a yoga teacher! When I'm not at the studio, I'm a preschool teacher's aide in Wexford or spending time with my son and husband.

Caroline Fitzgerald


In 2012, my sister introduced me to Amazing Yoga with the promise that the practice would be a great full-body workout.  As a life-long basketball player and runner, I was hesitant at first, not realizing that yoga was more than just "advanced stretching."  After one practice at AY, I was hooked.  I quickly realized that this yoga was powerful, athletic, and challenging - plus, calming and relaxing.  Not only did I enjoy the style of practice, I found that practicing made me a stronger runner and strengthened my lower back, which has been a long-time problem spot for me. 

I enjoyed the practice so much, that I completed Amazing Yoga's Teacher Training in Pittsburgh in January 2016. Shortly after that, I began teaching at the American Eagle Outfitters corporate wellness facility in the South Side.  From there, I went on to join the AY community as a teacher.  

I graduated from the Schreyer Honors College at Penn State University with degrees in Marketing and Women's Studies.  Outside of the studio, I am the Public Programs Manager at the Heinz History Center in Pittsburgh's historic Strip District.

Shayla Cammarata

Since middle school my preferred method of exercise was running. Nothing compared to the "runner's high." I started practicing vinyasa yoga in 2013 as part of a training program for an upcoming half marathon. About a month before the race I found out I had a stress fracture in my hip. Despite my efforts to get back after rest and rehab, my love affair with long distance running came to an end. 

We moved to the North Hills that fall and I found a local yoga studio in Wexford, Amazing Yoga. Walking into the studio, I had no idea the world that was about to open up for me. It was hard and intense but I felt invigorated. I had found my "runner's high" again. But where running had been an outlet for stress in my life, yoga was teaching me how to live my life. Every time I came to my mat I learned something new and I would take those lessons into my daily life; when to soften, when to push and most simple of all, how to breath. It is the profound changes I have seen with my family, my work and most of all myself that brings me back to my mat. My son equates it to the Hulk turning back into Bruce Banner. I don't think it's quite that extreme but you get the picture.

In April 2017 I signed up for Level 1 at Blue Spirit in Costa Rica with the intention to deepen my practice and take some time to reflect. I left with more clarity and peace than I've ever felt in my life. I knew if I could share my love for this practice with others, our world could truly be a different place.  I'm beyond grateful to have that opportunity in a place that has become my sanctuary.

When I'm not on my mat, I take my yoga with me as an emergency medicine physician. I've shared 13 years with my husband Sean and we are blessed with 2 wonderful children, Dean (9) and Grace (1), and our Boston Terrier, Woody.  I love to travel, spend time with friends, color and garden. A very full and happy life.