My love for yoga began when a good friend suggested skipping a rainy walk in Schenley Park for a yoga DVD indoors instead.  I reluctantly agreed, and along the way I felt clumsy, confused, and a little frustrated... I wanted more!

The main thing I love about yoga is that the basic poses from the very first practice never get old.  There's always new territory to discover.  I was attracted to a non-competitive space to explore and grow without the need to keep score.  After practicing at home and at a community class for about a year, I found Amazing Yoga in 2009 and haven't left my mat since.  

I attended Level 1 in Costa Rica in 2016, and Level 2 in Mexico in 2017.  I have a blast teaching, and I learn so much from so many different students from all walks of life!  I'm grateful for all the opportunities to learn and share throughout this ongoing journey, and for Karen and Sean and the wonderful AY communtiy.

By day, I work for a law firm, and I'm also a seamstress spending lots of time constructing and altering clothing. I love hiking and biking, playing and listening to live music, and watching the Twilight Zone with my husband, Brian.