I found Amazing Yoga after graduating college and it changed my life in profound ways. I needed to learn to listen to my body and my inner heart and to not take myself and my life so seriously. On my mat, I've felt the highest of highs and the lowest of lows and have been both challenged and utterly freed in that hot sweaty room. I've been blessed with a community of like-minded, wonderful people in a neighborhood that feels more like home with each yogi I get to know and love.

I completed Level 2 teacher training in March 2012 and started teaching at Amazing Yoga soon after. I have molded my teaching to mimic my practice. I try to focus on heart opening poses that inspire us to live freely and unapologetically, softening in all the places we tend to tighten — our joints, jaws, shoulders and often, our hearts.

In 2012, I was forced to be gentler on myself and my body when I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, an auto-immune condition that has, despite its challenges, changed my practice and my lifestyle for the better. I've customized my practice to fit my body's strengths and weaknesses and I am constantly inspired by how many of us overcome our struggles, both physical and emotional, on our mats.

Aside from teaching, I’m the Manager of Digital Creative at American Eagle Outfitters. I have a massive travel bug and am always looking for new music to listen to or a new recipe to try. Find me on Instagram @catherinegignac.