One thing I know to be true about my yoga practice, no matter how it goes: I always leave my mat in a better place than when I arrive. That clarity of mind was such an unexpected bonus when I first began practicing in 2010, and it was something that kept me coming back. I thought I would simply be stretching and strengthening my muscles, but little did I know that within a few months of consistent practice, I would see drastic change in many areas of my life. My body was indeed stronger and I gained some flexibility, but more importantly, my energy was up and my stress was down. Moving with breath through those poses in the heated room is the perfect shortcut to a quiet mind, and I always leave my mat recharged.

Over time, everything in me wanted to share the gift of yoga with others, and teacher training was the next obvious step. I completed Level 1 with Amazing Yoga right here in Pittsburgh in 2013 during a week of snowstorms, and Level 2 in tropical Tulum, Mexico in 2014. I began teaching at Amazing Yoga in October 2013. I strive to give my students the chance to step away from their busy, noisy lives and plug into the present moment. Being aware of how the body feels and conscious of the deep breathing we practice helps us to be truly present, something I'm convinced is a difficult thing for many of us to achieve in our day-to-day. My hope is that cultivating this habit in the studio will translate to life outside the studio as well, which is something that can benefit each and every one of us. I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to share this, and for each and every yogi who comes to class willing to take on the challenge. I hope to see you there!