I started coming to Amazing Yoga in 2010 after dabbling in various yoga styles and classes on and off. I worked eight years in corporate retail and was up for a change in my life. After my first AY class with a good friend, I left feeling humbled, stunned, and couldn't wait to return. Since that first class, I can't go more than a few days without hitting my mat. I recognize and appreciate the simplicity, peace, and balance that yoga brings into my daily life.  

I trained with Amazing Yoga in Tulum in 2014 with an intention of deepening my practice. Yet once the week of training ended, I knew that I wanted to help create the positive experience that I've had at AY and with yoga for others. I love that I learn something new with every class, whether I'm practicing or teaching. 

Outside of yoga, I live in Aspinwall with my husband, our son, and cats. I work for a local non-profit. I love cooking, all-things health & wellness, and walking around barefoot — which pairs well with teaching yoga.