I have been instructing and sharing my studies for five years now. In June of 2009, I completed the Amazing Yoga Level 1 Teacher Training, and the following year I completed the Level 2 Teacher Training. My approach to instructing yoga involves lots of deep breathing reminders, and the importance of alignment and comfortability in each pose while being on the mat.

Through Amazing Yoga, I've found a connection to not only the style of practice, but one that linked me to the practice (of any style) in general, which keeps me coming back to my mat whether at a studio or during a home practice. I am as much a student to yoga as an instructor. One thing that is most important to me as I continue to practice routinely is to always have an understanding that I will forever be a student to yoga, thus learning more and more about the practice from day to day. Another important part of my teaching and practice is to always keep other practitioners in class in mind, which stems from a quote from Maya Angelou who said, "When you learn, teach. When you get, give."