I was first introduced to yoga by my mom in 2004 when she suggested I try out a yoga class on a VHS tape to supplement my high school sports. I’d place my mat in my room, turn on the tape and spend the next 75 min stretching, toning and loving the practice. For many years after that, I would practice yoga in my own space. It wasn’t until 2010 that I went to my first hot yoga class and became completely hooked. Since then, I come to the mat for many reasons but this practice has always offered me comfort and support I've needed since day 1.

Yoga is more about getting a great exercise. It’s a practice that not only incorporates meditation and physical effort, but the yoga community as a whole is unlike anything else that I have been a part of. I decided to start teaching to share my love of this practice and to help others unveil their true potential. I received my Level 1 Teacher Training in September of 2016 in Wexford, PA.

I graduated from Penn State University with a Bachelor degree in Psychology. When I’m not teaching yoga, I’m spending time with my family and friends. I live in Aspinwall with my husband RK.