At a past teacher training a male student in his mid 50’s shared a compelling story with the group about the real life changing effect of the yoga practice.

He was suffering from a debilitating disease that was wrecking havoc on his body.  His daily life was a physical, mental, and emotional struggle. He felt as if he was running out of options to improve his daily living.

He arrived at his first class on the recommendation of his doctor, unsure and unconvinced about this “yoga craze”.  Beautifully, when we stepped into the yoga room for his first time, it was also a brand new teacher who was getting ready to teach her first class ever.  The teacher who loved yoga and had a passionate for sharing what she loved delivered a magical class and he was hooked.

She had a limited knowledge of yoga, had very little experience, but that mattered little.  Each one of this has this potential to make change and help each other.  This is great news for all of us!  Sharing from true passion changes people’s lives!

Since that first class one year ago, he arrived in Mexico at our teacher training 100 pounds lighter. Formerly convinced at this point that he would be in a wheelchair due to his disease and the numbing that was present in his hands and feet.  He not only was free from the numbness in his body, but he was now fully participating in a power yoga teacher training, which included 2 powerful classes a day.

As a new teacher, NEVER think that you do not have enough. Of course, staying on the growing path is integral to deepening your practice and knowledge, but if you have a passion and have felt the healing power of yoga on your mat, then you have enough to share. 

How has the power of yoga touched your life?  Share your experiences with us, leave a comment below.

Best wishes,

Karen and Sean