These faces are so full of passionate energy and love that comes when you get to share a practice that has lit you up in some way. I often get asked how do you keep your teaching fresh and inspired when you teach every week, day in and out.

Here are some tips that I have found helpful whenever I feel stuck:

1. Have a “home yoga practice”

A home practice allows you to feel and discover your practice more intimately and gives you good fuel for sharing the experience with your students. Teach what you practice, practice what you teach.

2. Continue growing and learning by expanding your heart and mind with fresh ideas and experiences

Take classes and read books that inspire you. Watch movies that move you. Sign up for workshops that get you excited.

3. Keep a yoga journal

Carry a journal with you or use an app that you can record inspiring quotes or bits of information and jot them down. I even write triumphant stories that students share with me after class. They are little gems that remind you how you are serving others. Months later I often open my journal and revisit some little bits of inspiration or stories before I teach and it can fuel a whole theme of a class. Jotting ideas also keeps me in the creative mindset.

4. Remember why you started What brought you to yoga?

How does it make you feel? We can get in the habit of just showing up and going through the motions. Remember that spark. The best yoga teachers are passionate about what they do!

5. Keep it real.

What about yoga is real for you today? Is your yoga today about breathing when you feel overwhelmed? Trying to source inspiration from your daily real life happenings when you are feeling stuck. By acknowledging and sharing how yoga is showing up in your daily life, allows you to connect in a very real way with your students.

What do you do to keep fresh, energized, and inspired?