By taking time for yourself to step away from the busyness and the “race”, it’s possible to heal and strengthen yourself. By fully immersing yourself into the “yoga experience” which includes daily yoga, meditation, and clean food, it can be transformative. Marla from Pittsburgh shares her inspiring story from attending a training in 2013 in Costa Rica:

“In April 2013, I decided to take the plunge and become a certified yoga teacher. Although yoga had been a passion of mine, I hadn’t given teaching much thought. When I saw a spot open up at the last minute for Amazing Yoga’s Level 1 Teacher Training in Costa Rica, something told me that I just had to do it. I knew that it was my spot to take. I wasn’t sure why, but I trusted my instinct and signed up on a whim.

I went into teacher training with very few expectations. I thought that I would leave with a solid understanding of the yoga sequence and the foundational skills required to teach a basic class. Little did I know that I would leave with that and so much more!

Throughout the course of the week-long training, I found myself opening up and exploring things that I never took the time to consider in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Yoga was always a physical practice for me and teacher training allowed me to explore its’ many other aspects. I meditated for the first time and found that it was a delightful escape. I was introduced to flavorful vegetarian and vegan food and realized its’ benefits firsthand, as I felt my energy levels and my mood rise throughout the week. I formed wonderful friendships and discovered the welcoming, kind, and loving yoga community. I learned that yoga extends beyond the physical practice on your mat. It’s a way of life that embodies mind, spirit, AND body.

The self-reflection that I did at teacher training empowered me to make positive changes in my life. I found a new job, started to eat more real food, and began to teach yoga, sharing what I had learned at training with others in my local community. The power of yoga has helped me to find balance and to be kind to myself, so that I can be more open and available to those around me.”

— Marla, April 2013 Costa Rica Level 1 Teacher Training