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Find out how to become a yoga instructor extraordinaire and share your passion with the world!

Find out how to become a yoga instructor extraordinaire and share your passion with the world!

You have logged 100s of downward dogs and feel that yoga has provided you with countless hours of stress relief and peace of mind. You feel ready to share some of the incredible benefits of yoga with your community by paying it forward. And now you've asked the great Google about 'How to Become a Yoga Instructor'.

The best preparation is having an open mind and a desire to share your love of yoga with the world.

Some things to consider as you seek the perfect teacher training:


1. Passionate Yoga Teachers Are the Most Effective

What type of yoga do you love? There are dozens of different styles of yoga out there: Yin, Iyengar, Power, etc. And all teacher trainings are different from one another.

Pick a teacher training that specializes in the style you are passionate about. For example, If you love power yoga, look for power yoga teacher trainings. Everything we do has an energy behind it. When we teach a style that we love and put our whole hearts into it, it allows us to successfully grow and flourish as a yoga teacher.


2. Commitment & Picking the Right Training School 

How much time do you have to train? These days most of us have very busy schedules. You don't need to spend months or even weeks to become a yoga teacher. Long teacher trainings can be information overload which is hard to absorb without being in the teaching world. Too short of a training and we may lack the skills and confidence to stand in front of the group.

What matters most is the quality of the training. The excellence of the training school will lay a very important foundation for you to become the best yoga teacher you can be. Your initial training has to fit into your schedule and it has to give you the tools to begin your career. You will learn much of teaching yoga through experience and ongoing training.

Many schools these days offer one week foundations so you can establish a solid teaching foundation. These yoga immersion type trainings offer days full of yoga, meditation, clean eating and lots of yoga conversations. After years of training teachers we have found that a one week immersion completely taken out of the daily routine of your life is potent and effective in living and practicing out your yoga. Yoga is a life-long learning commitment that doesn’t end after your first training, but your first training sets the foundation for your teaching.


3. Challenge Yourself Physically

Before you even consider becoming a yoga instructor, you must first be a student. Even if you are a gifted absorber of information, the real training in yoga is experiencing the practice. As a teacher you really must know how the poses feel in order to connect with your students. A teacher training is meant to be an intense experience of yoga. As teachers we can then relate to how our students feel challenged. We may be teaching lots of warrior poses, but the true essence of warriors is being strong and fearless but also having a loving heart. This is a practice of self-improvement.


4.  Share Yourself

Spending the week with like-minded people becomes a safe haven to share yourself. Sharing yoga is more than just teaching poses. The most impactful teachers share how yoga is working for them to help them become better versions of themselves. Sharing is what connects us.  When we verbalize our experience of yoga they become more real.


5. Be Prepared to Change Your Life

Be prepared to say “yoga teacher training has changed my life”. This experience of self-inquiry and growth will forever be part of you. Some of the things that students say that they bring home from the training are: their voice, smile, passion, purpose, youthfulness, faith in humanity, friends, new yoga tribe, positivity, a meditation practice and renewed enjoyment for life.

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Best Wishes,

Sean and Karen