Yoga. Such a simple word has come to mean so much-

My love for the Amazing yoga community began in 2009 when I made the journey from New Jersey to Pittsburgh to attend Duquesne University. In hopes of meeting new friends and staying in shape while on my new “college food” diet, I decided to try yoga and the rest is history.

Amazing Yoga was a comfortable atmosphere of non-judgement. My mat became a place of growth, where I was constantly challenging my body and beliefs. I was able to rediscover things that I loved about my body, and realized just how strong mentally and physically I was becoming. Yoga became my outlet- an outlet to relieve myself of all the nonsense that built in my mind during the day. The studio quickly became a place where I could express myself, regain clarity and elevate my spirit. I moved back to Pittsburgh in 2014 and picked up right where I left off; and when the opportunity to manage the Southside studio came up, I immediately jumped on it.

Outside of managing the South Side studio, I work for Deloitte as an International Tax Consultant. Yoga has taught me that our practice translates into useful tools outside of the studio. Finding comfort in the discomfort of situations has helped me maintain my positive attitude through long hours in public accounting. I learned how to take the peace that each practice brought me, and start each day with gratitude (a morning mantra that I now live by).

When I am not doing taxes or back-bending, I love to travel, try new recipes and relax outside. The most important asset to each of us should be our health and that’s why I chose, through the practice of yoga, to give my body something back for all that it gives me. I am a firm believer that yoga is for everyone, whether you have been practicing for 10 years or 10 days we are constantly developing. Amazing Yoga has always been a piece of home to me as I continue to try and keep my life as balanced as my headstands.