My journey with yoga started in 2001 at the Amazing Yoga Monroeville Studio when my mom had signed me up for a teen yoga with Karen.  From word of mouth, yoga was supposed to be good for the body and the mind.  It seemed like the perfect workout for a Type-A pre-teen.  When I walked into the studio for the first time, I remember feeling an instant sense of comfort.  The studio felt like a home away from home.  We learned the fundamentals of yoga and even got foot massages.  Most importantly, I remember how much I loved going to yoga and how I felt physically and mentally stronger.  Taking Teen Yoga at Amazing Yoga with Karen helped lay the foundation to my lifelong dedication to yoga.

Finding my way back to Amazing Yoga took about twelve years due to high school swimming and college.  However, I always found a way to practice yoga whether if it was going through the vinyasa at the gym or going to class periodically with my roommates.  After graduating college, I kicked off my career and was trying find a sense of passion and community outside of work.  I also struggled with some health issues, which encouraged me to change my approach to health and well-being.  I began to do yoga again.  Through practicing yoga, it inspired me to stay the path to living and maintaining a healthier life.  I knew that I needed to go somewhere that fostered wellness with the support of a community, so  I renewed my commitment to yoga and returned to Amazing Yoga.  It still felt like home.  I did, however, feel slightly intimidated  since my yoga practice was back at a beginner level.  The teachers were welcoming, down to earth, and encouraging.  The other yogis were kind and friendly.  Gradually, the intimidation wore off, and I began regain confidence and feel stronger inside and outside of the studio.  I wanted to continue to deepen my yoga practice and get more involved in the Amazing Yoga community, so I joined the AY Wexford Work Exchange team in May 2014 and completed Level 1 Teacher Training in January 2016 in Pittsburgh.  Through the work exchange program and teacher training, I have met so many amazing people who are truly supportive and encouraging.