I feel deeply grateful for the opportunity to participate in the Amazing Yoga Teacher Training. Sean and Karen did a really great job of facilitating a safe and nurturing environment in which everyone was appreciated and cared for.
— Anne : Chicago, IL
This was an amazing experience for me, not only because I learned so much about yoga, it was also a life experience. I met wonderful people that I’m sure will remain in my heart forever. I received so much that right now I’m excited to give the same to others. To really make a difference in my community. Thanks a lot Sean and Karen to make this possible.
— Mariana : Ensenada, Mexico
My experience and training with Amazing Yoga in Costa Rica will always remain with me as a challenge I cherish! In addition to extending awareness for yoga practices, I am truly grateful to have had the opportunity to reinforce faith and balance in myself and to interact with so many warm, wonderful individuals.
— Shameda : Toronto, Canada
I am 58 years old and was so excited to experience a training that was designed for all levels and ages. I have a tremendous amount of gratitude for the expertise, organization, creativity, and passion during the week! And what an “amazing” week it was. I was truly moved and inspired. I believe there has been a sublime, but remarkable and significant shift in all who attended. Thank you so very much for initiating this growth, and for being such amazing and creative catalysts! Truly a phenomenal week!
— Marty : Ann Arbor, MI
It was one of the most enjoyable weeks of my life, inspiring, joyous, educational, vigorous and above all fun, wrapped up in a well thought out and planned week. I came away refreshed and invigorated!
— Alan : Glasgow, Scotland
Little did I know that in one week I would feel so empowered, knowledgeable, sore and joyous!
— Tessa : Baltimore, MD
Amazing Yoga Teacher training was AMAZING!! In one week’s time, I feel confident to teach a power yoga class. The whole teacher training package flowed wonderfully. It also helped me to overcome my fear of speaking in front of a group. This training will teach you proper form, class flow, and help you to develop the confidence to become a yoga teacher. I would highly recommend Amazing Yoga to anyone considering teaching or just improving their own yoga practice.
— Jennifer : Pittsburgh, PA
The Teacher Training course was simultaneously very challenging and really fun. As a teacher, I felt the training gave me the foundation to expand both my yoga practice and my classroom skills. Sean and Karen are very supportive and engaging teachers, willing to help each student grow. The resort was beautiful and the food was delicious, providing a great environment for the program.
— Donna : Vienna, VA
Attending the yoga teacher training in Maya Tulum, Mexico with Amazing Yoga was very exciting for me as I was achieving an ambition to train as a yoga teacher. Spending a week in Paradise at the same time with inspirational instructors and a wonderful group of like-minded people made it wonderful. The yoga teacher training lives up to it’s name and was truly Amazing! The standard of teaching was so polished and the course was brilliantly put together. The resort was exquisite, the food divine! I left Mexico with confidence in my ability, a stronger body, new friends from across the globe and some precious memories!
— Helen : London, England
The Yoga Teacher Training reminded me how to go on living the right way by being in union with the world, but mostly with myself. Teacher training taught me to look forward to every yoga pose, every breath, every day, every person, and every moment.
— Jess : Pittsburgh PA
I entered into the Yoga Teacher Training primarily to gain more knowledge in the practice of yoga, unsure if I truly wanted to take on teaching. After the yoga training with Sean, Karen and my fellow students, I felt truly transformed by what practicing and teaching yoga can do for me! Now, I can’t imagine not teaching in some way, because I’ve experienced how powerful it is to share this experience with others. The yoga teacher training program that Sean and Karen have developed is outstanding!
— Melissa : Santa Monica, CA
I have trouble finding the words to accurately describe my Maya Tulum Teacher Training experience. I had never traveled out of the United States before, much less on my own. The resort was gorgeous, the silent walks meditative, and the colorful food was delicious. And what can I say about the ocean coming from Lincoln, Nebraska? It was nothing but absolutely spectacular, along with the sunrises and sunsets! I came home physically, mentally, and emotionally healthier, stronger, and focused. It was a very empowering experience for me. I also came home with a new and exciting way to practice and teach yoga. I will always treasure this truly AMAZING experience, and the yoga that took me there!
— Judi : Lincoln, NE
The yoga training offered so much insight into what has drawn me to yoga for the last 2 years. It enabled me to challenge myself emotionally, so I can work on my weaknesses. I confronted so many of my fears through the yoga training — opening myself up to people, taking down some of the walls. I am going to work toward incorporating what I have learned into my life every day. Yoga has been utterly transformational for me. Not just yoga, Amazing Yoga, and not just Amazing Yoga, but Sean and Karen. I can’t wait to share this with others through teaching yoga. THANK YOU!!
— Jessica : Philadelphia, PA
Karen and Sean are both great teachers! They have different styles and they work amazing together. Their styles complement each other and add great depth and dimension to the yoga teacher training experience. This has been a blessed experience for me. One that I’ll never forget and always treasure. Thank you so much for the opportunity to grow.
— Toki : Pittsburgh, PA
I wasn’t really sure what to expect but this definitely exceeded my expectations. I feel that I learned things about myself that I wasn’t aware of, and recognized. I decided to take ownership of growth opportunities that I knew were there. I wish that we could continue this yoga training! I really felt outside of my comfort zone at first, but feel that I’m back on a growth path rather than feeling stuck. Thanks so much!
— Amy : New York, NY
This whole experience was more than I ever expected. My main intention for taking this yoga teacher training was to gain a better, more detailed understanding of this practice of yoga. Now that yoga training is complete, I feel that not only have I gained more knowledge, but a better appreciation for it. This makes me even more excited to share it with others. Plus, in the process I have met some pretty amazing people.
— Jen : Seattle, WA
Connected…I connected with myself, fellow trainees and trainers. The yoga teacher training was a profound experience for me. I found it to be a joyful exploration into the human spirit. We trained and sweat, and we laughed and cried, and then we trained again…and we departed as old friends.
— Lisa : Toronto, Canada
The Amazing Yoga Teacher Training was one of the most rewarding experiences in my life. In addition to the intense yoga practice, everyone was so welcoming, and I left each weekend feeling very inspired. It was a great way to grow in my practice, build new relationships, and unravel aspects of myself I had yet to discover. The teaching certificate was like a nice bonus.
— Lauren : Vancouver, Canada
I wanted to thank Karen and Sean for giving us such a wonderful experience. I had a great time and was positively influenced by them both. I will carry this profound knowledge and experience with me forever. I love how they conduct the training. They are very passionate about yoga and they share it with professionalism and positivity.
— Marco : Miami, FL
The yoga teacher training I received at Amazing Yoga was one of the best experiences of my life. It was challenging and rewarding, both physically and mentally. It truly changed my life. I feel that I am confident in teaching this style of yoga and recommend this training to anyone who has an interest in yoga.
— Jenny : Dallas, TX
My training with Amazing Yoga gave me the skills and confidence to lead my students through a powerful, authentic, and inspired practice. A few months later, I decided to audition for studios, and I ended up getting a job right away teaching two classes a week. The opportunities keep pouring in, and I’ve received so many compliments about my sequences, cues, and teaching style. I owe so much of that to Amazing Yoga.
— Kimberly Reilly Damm, Philadelphia, PA